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Write a 12 pages paper on ways and techniques of control the output voltage by applying of dc/dc converters. In nature, DC/DC converters involve electronic circuitry that can change the efficiency of DC power to various levels. Following are a few examples where DC/DC converters are used to change the output DC voltage levels:1- In a laptop generally the battery charger provides 18.5 V DC voltages to the laptop while its motherboard just needs 3V DC voltage. The desired voltage level is obtained by using DC/DC converter that steps down 18.5 V DC voltages to 3V DC level.In the above-given applications, DC/DC converters are applied to change the DC voltage from one level to another, with losing as little power as possible that is conversion takes place with optimum efficiency.Since transformers simply step up or step down the voltage levels hence they cannot be used instead of DC/DC converters as they change the input energy into a different impedance level besides stepping up or stepping down the voltage levels. It implies that DC/DC converts can manage the required power levels irrespective of output voltage level.The division has been made depending on the presence between the output and the input values. The Boost converter has higher output voltage values as compared to input while vice versa for the buck converter. Buck and Boost Converters are particularly useful in situations where both ‘Higher and Lower output’ values are required.The objective of this project work is to study and analyze the ways and techniques of control the output voltage by applying DC/DC converters and based on this study outcomes design a DC/DC Buck converter circuit that has numerous industrial applications.Earlier the voltage regulation generally had been done by applying Linear Regulators yet with the development of switching regulators, regulation is now is carried through the application of switching regulators particularly far better efficiency of switching regulators as compared to their linear counterpart. A comparison of the efficiency of both types is given below.

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