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Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Critical Responses.On the other hand, multiple platforms are very beneficial since they are able to break down the original concepts into items that are understood by diverse groups of people. Whenever a new entertainment platform is used, it is only sensible and appropriate to apply additional creativity so that the need for entertainment is satisfied through that other platform. Very few platforms have the capacity of retaining the original content. a change of the content out rightly results in loss of the original concepts that were highlighted by the original author (Koku, 1995).There are many examples that can be used to strengthen this position. Many people use novels as a source of entertainment by reading interesting stories that were developed by the author. The story will apply very interesting scenarios that appeals to the reader and creates a lot of reading suspense. The translation of the novel to a film brings forth other views that never featured in the novel in order to enhance the visual appeal. This means that I the process, there occurs lose in some of the original concepts while some new ones are added therein. As it is well put by Jenkins (2003), as content gets across the entertainment platforms, it is followed by enhancements through creativeness. This is termed as a distraction or corruption from the original concepts that were intended by the original author. When a concept is concept is drawn from a movie to a videogame, there are outright differences that are expected. In the first place, a videogame will be required to depict some flexibility so that the player is able to enjoy make their own manoeuvres. However, despite the differences in some of the content there are similar concept that are applied across the board. For example, in a real football match compared to a video football game like FIFA, the rules of football follow to the letter. The difference is that the players are

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