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Sociology homework help

Write a 2 page essay on Online learning.The most effective way to learn these skills is to develop those while one is still a student.Life after education is a lot more complicated than what most students think especially when there is a need to deal with many things all at the same time. Oftentimes, there is a need to meet hectic deadlines and perform tasks that need to be studied thoroughly. On such situations, one needs to organize the things that should be done according to their importance. While organization skill in online learning allows the students to prioritize their goals, in the workplace, it allows one to focus and meet the deadlines without compromising the quality of the work (“Organizational Skills,” n.d.). Organization skill, as used in the workplace, improves my efficiency as it enables me to finish the necessary work load.As organizational skill develops my efficiency, time management skill improves my productivity as it enables me to maximize my time and effort. As applied in the workplace, time management skill allows one to exercise full control over his/her schedule and allocate ample time for different tasks that need to be done (Foltynek & Motchyka, 2009. Roper, 2007). In relation to organization skills, effective time management skill improves my professional career as it develops my productivity.Aside from the skills previously mentioned, effective communication skill is also important in online learning and in the workplace. Professionals highly depend on their effective communication skill as it determines whether or not their message is clearly understood by the receiver or they clearly understood the message of their leaders (Johnson, n.d.). Effective communication skills would enable me to express my ideas and comments effectively, objectively and politely. In addition, communication skill helps me establish connections

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