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Sociology homework help

would you consider doing this work by this deadline for 80 dollars? Instruction SheetProposals identify an problem, put forth plans of action, and seek to persuade readers to implement these plans. In this assignment, you will write a proposal that formulates a problem, considers the alternatives, and offers a solution directed to a particular individual or group. You will rely on research in order to make the proposal as detailed and plausible as possible.See chapter 10 in The Call to Write and the Lesson 9 commentary for further explanation on how to identify a suitable problem and organize your proposal.How to Organize Your ProposalSection I: Front MatterTitle page: Provides the title of your proposal, to whom the report is submitted, who wrote the report, and the date. Type each of these items on a separate line, and center each line.Executive summary: Provides the title of the proposal and name of the writer at the top. Then, states in one paragraph the problem and describes the solution.Section II: Text (Body)The final draft of your proposal should include each of the following sections. Create your own descriptive sub-heading for each section.Statement of the problem: Introduces the problem. Establishes the relevance of the problem for your intended readers.Description of the solution: Describes the solution and the steps needed to implement it.Explanation of reasons: Provides your reasoning (your evidence) in support of your proposed solution. Also, in this section you will need to consider the available alternatives, as well as likely counterarguments to your solution and to what length you need to address them.Conclusion: This is a short section that summarizes and reinforces your main points.Section III: Works Cited PageStart this portion of the document on a new page. Make sure to follow exactly the citation guide in your textbook when working on each citation. The works cited list is never numbered but is always alphabetized. Every reference on the list should match a clearly labeled in-text citation in the body of your proposal.RequirementsYour proposal must define a problem for a real group of people and put forth a plan of action for resolving this problem.The proposal needs to be directed to a specific individual or group of people who you name in the proposal and whose interests, values, priorities, and abilities shape your appeal.The body of your proposal should use rhetorical techniques and relevant research to persuade readers that a problem exists and that your solution is feasible.You are required to use a minimum of three sources in your proposal and cite these sources properly both in the body of your text and on the Works Cited page.Your proposal must be organized into the sections/subsections described above.Your proposal should follow a report format, meaning that it should include a title page and one-paragraph executive summary.The final length of the proposal is approximately 1,300–1,600 words. (This is the equivalent of about 5–6 pages without special formatting. Ask your instructor if you have questions about the length requirement based on formatting and/or use of visual elements in your document.) The document should be word processed, with 1-inch margins on all sides. Please use 12-point, Times New Roman font. Your instructor may indicate other formatting requirements or preferences.

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