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Sociology homework help

Need an argumentative essay on Why Study Logic. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.Reasoning is the ability to seek out a conclusion. (Morsanvi, Handley 2011) Reasoning is used to understand how something is and why it is. After understanding facts about something, one is then able to use reason to conclude. Sometimes this reasoning is done without being consciously aware. This has an effect on whether or not one is able to reason well decisions or reason bad decisions.When an individual is not aware of the proper way of reason this can prevent them from achieving an important lifelong skill. This skill is the ability to understand the theory behind reasoning. Understanding the theory behind reasoning will help with so many different aspects in life. Understanding the theory behind reasoning allows for better problem solving and the ability to communicate better with others. Without the study of logic one may have difficulties communicating and understanding others and why others make certain decisions.Morsanyi, K., & Handley, S. J. (2011). Logic feels so good—I like it! Evidence for intuitive detection of logicality in syllogistic reasoning. Journal Of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, And Cognition,

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