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Sociology homework help

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Lesson assignment 1. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. How it is that cultural concept are said to be “natural”, specifically, how does Sapolsky suggest that human beings are more unique than other animals? How does culture “emerge” in group interaction rather than being genetic or simply learned? How did efforts to impose “civilized” and “more advanced” methods to rice cultivation fail in Bali? What lessons might you draw from Lansing’s research?One characteristic of culture is the fact that it is acquired and not inherited. This means that one can gradually acquire a culture irrespective of the geographical era of origin. One aspect that accompanies acquiring something such as a behavior is the fact that it happens involuntary. This means that one can assimilate a culture without knowing it. This has resulted in many people not being conscious of the culture they are embedded in resulting in negative consequences since they often develop behaviors that are negative in nature as a result of acquiring some cultures. This being the case it is of great essence to make people conscious about their culture. This is so since culture runs very deep.One way of making certain that people are conscious of the cultural system they are immersed into, is making them compare themselves with people who belong to the same cultural system. People who belong in the same to cultural system often possess identical values especially when it comes to ethics and morality. When one asks someone to compare their character with that of others in the same cultural setting then they will be able to know that they fit in to the same society since they will notice some similarities. Although culture is not inherited asking someone to trace their roots helps in making them conscious about their culture since people often acquire cultures that surround them.

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