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Social Work homework help

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Leadership Style.leadership ensures that leaders and employees interact in different ways and subsequently build close relationships that promote progress within the organization.Transformational leadership is the most effective leadership style because it does not only focus on the results, but also the process by which results are realized. The most vital aspect of transformational leadership is that it allows leaders to motivate, inspire, and encourage their followers in a way that promotes individual growth and development (Kuckartz, 2010). Additionally, leaders are encouraged to harness and nurture talents, skills, and knowledge possessed by employee. In other words, this style of leadership makes it easy for leaders and their followers to identify their points of strength and subsequently discover ways to grow, develop, or improve personally and professionally.When it comes to transformational leadership, both the process and the results are critical. The process fosters close relationships that subsequently enhance well-liked interactions. For the results, motivation and inspiration are evident in the organization as far as transformational leadership is concerned. For example, leaders who embrace cultural diversity and promote the same in an organization play an important role in developing varied talents within the

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