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Social Work homework help

Hello,I needed help with calculus class work. If you can please help me with this question.Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3(1 point) Let ff!) be the plecewlae linear function with domain 0 g t 5 8 shown In the graph below {which la determined by connecting the dots}. Define a function 21(1) with domain 0 5 x E 8 by f X?er.0 Notice that ACE} is the net area under the function ?t) for I] 5 r 5 x. if you click on the gem below. a full-size picture of the graph will open In another window. A(x) = Graph ufy =f(r) {A} Find the following values of the function AGE). 11(0) 0 -2 AU) =-4 A{2)

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