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Write a 8 pages paper on role of the sun as a tabloid in the industry. As a commonly known fact, with power, there comes a great amount of responsibilities as well. In the case of newspapers, the responsibilities are identified in terms of journalism attitudes and philosophies. Ever since the newspapers have been acting as a key mass media, its prime role can be identified as conveying various political, social, military along economic facts to its readers. Evident from the historical presence of newspapers behind various revolutions, it becomes apparent that the conveyed facts can easily persuade a mass towards social dilapidation as well as exceptional developments. It thus turns out to be the responsibility of the tabloids to preserve fairness towards the disclosed facts, concentrating on the need for the development of the overall humanity rather than signifying the interests of a few (Curran & Seaton, 2009).Based on this ideology, the discussion hereafter will attempt to develop a critical understanding of the role played by “The Sun”, a renowned tabloid in the United Kingdom. taking into consideration the degree of power it possesses to persuade the society.The Sun is a daily national newspaper of repute in the United Kingdom. The newspaper tabloid was incepted in the year 1964 that currently covers regional or local news, jobs, sports, business, and community events among others. The Sun is owned by an Australian company named News Corporation which is renowned as one of the publicly traded organizations performing its business operations globally (Mondo Code LLC, 2012). The former editor of The Sun, Mr. Sydney Jacobson, considered the newspaper as a radical one in the UK and stated that its ideology predicting that the tabloid would be completely autonomous in functioning as a powerful media channel and will not possess any kind of partiality concerning the political parties or the movements. Furthermore, he also made it distinct that the newspaper would be entirely free in order to employ its own thoughts and activities (BBC, 2005). Since then, The Sun has been playing its role based on the idioms of transparency and impartiality in the British newspaper industry.

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