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Provide a 12 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Aspect of Logistics Management or Humanitarian Logistics in UNICEF. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Before analyzing different logistics activities that can add significant value to a humanitarian emergency aid response in terms of form, place and time utility, diverse challenges along with the factors that can help in overcoming these challenges has been taken into concern. Moreover, a humanitarian organization i.e. UNICEF has been considered in order to demonstrate the different logistics activities such as warehousing, transportation, and coordination amid others that can add significant value to a humanitarian emergency aid response in terms of place, form and time utility.Logistics management is fundamentally described as an imperative part of supply chain procedure that intends to plan, employ as well as control the flow of services along with information and storage of goods for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the customers. The conception of logistics management has been proved to be quite beneficial especially for dissimilar industries, which supports them to optimize their distribution procedure which ultimately results in raising their effectiveness as well as competitiveness by a significant level (Tseng & et. al 2005). The governments belonging to diverse nations have recognized the significance of the execution of an effective logistics management procedure that can impose a considerable impact on their respective economies (Australian Government n.d.). In this similar context, the conception of humanitarian logistics refers to a specialized network that is generally created through effectual flow of services, information and finances between different suppliers and beneficiaries among others with the intention of delivering physical support to them. It has been apparently observed that the idea of humanitarian logistics not only enhances the different logistics activities that occur at every phase of the production process but also improves the steadiness of various humanitarian operations to a greater extent (Kovacs & Spens 2009).

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