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Religious Studies homework help

You analyze the products of a Ziegler-Natta reaction for the synthesis of polyethylene using FT-IR (a technique that uses infrared light to measure the identity and concentration of functional groups in a sample). From FT-IR, you determine that you have 1 mmol of methyl groups. You also know that 1 mol of ethylene was consumed in the polymerization. What is the approximate number average degree of polymerization (Nx)? Before answering this question, consider the ways in which the structure of polyethylene depends on polymerization conditions!(How many methyl groups are there per chain?) The number average degree of polymerization is equal to Mndivided by the molecular weight of the repeat unit—that is, it gives the number of repeat units within the average chain.A. 1000B. 2000C. 500D. 28,000 g/molE. 56,000 g/molF. 14,000 g/molG. Cannot tell

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