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Religious Studies homework help

In this dropbox submit as an attachment: The Final Grant ProposalThe final grant proposal should be one continuous document. Each section should be DETAILED and LABELED WITH THE APPROPRIATE HEADING. Make sure you review Worksheet 11.1. The Final Proposal should include:A cover letter (see page 98), WHICH IS DIFFERENT FROM THE LETTER OF INQUIRY Executive Summary (highlighting the key points of each section concisely, see step 10 and worksheet 10.1 for examples) A problem statement (needs assessment)¬† A program description (including the organization’s background) Goals and objectives statement for the project you are seeking funding Methods section (how you intend to accomplish the objectives) Evaluation component (how you will measure the success of the program) Budget narrative References (If used) Supporting documentation (if necessary) Salary schedules, catalog prices,¬†resumes’ for directors, rental agreements, surveys, etc.Note: Do not ATTACH ANY worksheets. The submission should be one continuous document, not made up of different attachments. You should submit each section’s narrative component, not worksheets, with any revisions that were suggested in your feedback. The document must flow in one organized document. See example proposals under the Lessons Tab.If you simply submit prior submissions without making corrections, if corrections were noted in comments, you will not receive a passing grade for this assignment.

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