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Religious Studies homework help

respond to this post with 250 words  2 apa citations  ask a strong question  This week’s discussion thread is a strong one, the idea of the creation of the performance tasks and objectives, needs to be a clear one.  So, designers, instructors, and teachers can facilitate the learning of the students.  Also, as well the students can comprehend and knock out the performances that have been established for them, as well that have been created for the course.At this time, we all know and comprehend that as designers, it is needed to have performed a task analysis for the creation of the curriculum and course.   As stated in the textbook, “Principles of Instructional Design”  by Gagné (2005), “according to Dick and Carey’s (1990) model for instructional design, performance objectives are written after the process of task analysis.”  So, based on this and previously discussed, if the task that we have in mind is not analyzed, it could be impossible or at least trying to outline the performance objectives.            Our last week’s discussion was involved and related to the final project, and as I have stated throughout the weeks, my goal and objective are to be a Spanish Teacher, by doing so push my students to learn and communicate in the language.  Thus, the topic selected is the “learning and communication in the Spanish Language.”

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