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Religious Studies homework help

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Experience psychology book by laura A. king we are using chapter 4,5,6.There are three strategies that have been developed to improve on the memory of the brain. The first strategy is the use of critical thinking. With increased critical thinking, it is possible that students will have a better focus on the subject, thereby having a better memory. The second strategy that has been researched is the intersection model. Students should ensure they gather information from different sources (King 144). They will amass enough resources, which will be memorable in the future. The third strategy is constant reading of the stated materials. The brain will be in constant reflection of the read materials, making it highly memorable.Long term memory is believed to store a limitless amount of information, ranging from minutes to a lifetime. The information is stored in the brain by the skills and imagery at the point of encounter (Bradley 71). Information retained in the long-term memory is that which is transported directly from the sensory to the long term memory. This information is either intriguing or enraging to the sensory and it retains it in the long term memory.Serial positions have a considerable effect on the brain, which makes some events memorable for a long time. Since these are occurrences that are rarely recorded, the sensory memory is very sensitive to such. The sensory memory denotes such events as it is not used to their encounter. Immediately after an encounter, the sensory memory reflects the same to the long term memory (King 151). When the serial positions are increased, the long term memory will have a larger memory. This information is useful in ensuring studying people are well prepared in regard to their brain functionality. The brain is a sensitive body functionality that should be given ample care, to improve in its

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