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Religious Studies homework help

Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Subject of Love in Literature. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Storm is a force in nature that has a destructive power whose beginning lies in quietness and calmness. This can be looked upon as the sexual element, the desires and urge, which need not be just within the boundaries of marriage. Kate Chopin has employed storm as an overarching symbol throughout the short story to imply numerous interwoven themes. The action in the story itself happens only because of the storm and the most of the action happens during the storm. It is said that ‘after the storm comes a calm’ and this also proves ironically true in the case of Calixta and Alcée Laballière who do not have even the slightest sense of guilt or quiver of conscience after the display of wild lust and passion between them outside their marriage. Their marriage remains unaffected, so tranquil and so calm after the storm that otherwise might have proved cataclysmic to their marriages. On one hand, the social demands of marriage are explored in the common chores expected of a wife. Calixta is seen “sewing furiously on a sewing machine” and so preoccupied with it that she even fails to see the approaching storm. The washings that have been put to dry outside indicate the household duties of a dedicated wife. The rules set by the society define the boundaries of a wife and therefore the reference to Sunday clothes remind Calixta of the Church and morality. The same is ignored by Alcee as he is seen ‘grabbing the trousers’ and emphasises the freedom men have with respect to the expression of sexual desires. Calixta restrains herself reminded of society and her responsibility to protect the reputation of her marriage&nbsp.when “she had not seen him very often since her marriage, and never alone” in spite of the fact that they both had been in a relationship before their marriages.&nbsp.Now that he seeks shelter under her roof, she obliges but is surprised to find that it had been “two years sence it rain’ like that”. this is a symbolic reference to the sex in her married life and later to her own passion that is aroused by this meeting of her past lover.&nbsp.

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