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Psychology homework help

Need an argumentative essay on The late Roman Republic (100 BCE 31 BCE) or early/classical Roman Empire (31 BCE -180 CE). Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.It was not an easy revolution to deal with. hence it took almost more than 450 years to approach its termination. The termination process of this revolution involved a series of civil wars. During that time, the republic of Rome was under the power of a mixed constitution. The themes which centralized this constitution included the checks, balances and the separation of powers. The set of principles in relation to the constitution weren’t in a written form in those times. Therefore, the guideline regarding it was also not official and formal to be followed. Pattern form was used to pass down the constitution. The control of the constitution was in the hands of an aristocracy of individuals. The development of the constitution was also a result of those people who brawl between the aristocracy and other talented Romans. Individuals involved in the constitution weren’t popular either, on the extent of their status. There were few numbers of laws which were to be used by these individuals to rule. The laws allowing these individuals to rule were revoked over time and then the republic went under the authority of a new aristocracy. The basic elements to rule also based on the structural terms of society, instead of the laws (Hornblower, 2014)“Senate” was a term, said to be as the superior power in Rome for the purpose of government. The value of Senate was high due to their potency of respect, honor and status in Rome, in comparison to other common people. A common had no rights to stand for a position of Senate either. The qualities required to become a Senate member demanded an individual who has high class, 100,000 denarii’s land and the one who have served in public office earlier. The policy used by Senate was also based on the foreign terms, which made zero contribution in the confliction of military on their part. This era is known as the kingship era in

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