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Psychology homework help

All of these are single questions. They don’t need a paragraph each to be answered just something insightful to obtain necessary points. The questions come from Chapter 12 of “The Principles of Learning and Behavior” 7th Edition from Michael DomjanDescribe food-caching behavior and what factors experimenters have to rule out before concluding that the behavior is mediated by working memory.Describe how the behavior of food storing in birds can be used to provide evidence of episodic memory.Describe the peak procedure and how results obtained with the peak procedure may be explained by scalar expectancy theory.Compare and contrast the scalar expectancy model of timing and the behavioral theory of timing. Explain why tests with subsets of items from a simultaneous array are useful in assessing the mechanisms of serial pattern learning.Compare and contrast perceptual and abstract concept learning. Describe instances of tool use in avian species and discuss how tool use may be acquired. Describe similarities and differences in language learning among chimpanzees and human children.1Running head: ANIMAL BEHAVIORS Animal behaviorsNameInstitution 2ANIMAL BEHAVIORS Animal behaviorsQuestion oneFood –caching refers to food storage in locations that are hidden from…

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