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Political Science homework help

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Microsoft Access Database. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Module Microsoft Access Database Database contains two tables and two forms: suppliers and products. This can be openedor accessed through Microsoft access only. Data are entered either directly or via the forms depending on the accessibility permissions.Products The following is a list of products brands available to customers in our restaurant:i. Afiaii. Cocacolaiii. Delmonteiv. NuvitaThe above mentioned products are soft drinks produced and supplied by different companies. Each vendor has its unique brands, as for example. Delmonte produce delmonte brand, Afia as well produces Afia brand and so on.The products are supplied to our restaurant on daily basis. Every supplier is given its own tender depending on which products are easily available, customers taste and preference and the quality of company’s product. Each company is known to produce different products and at the same time it can produce the same products but different brands.For instance, Delmonte Company is known to produce soft drinks as its major product among other items. Incase this company fails to supply. other companies are there to take over the tender and supply the same products but different brands. Other outstanding Companies are Cocacola, Nuvita and Afia.Cocacola Company produces softdrinks that serve as energy drinks and therefore makes it to be unique with other competing companies. Nuvita produces soft drinks with different brand and is known for its high quality products at affordable prices. Afia Company produces softdrinks rich in vitamins as compared to others. These all vendors have the same thing in common as shown by their variety of products produced by each. Both Afia and Delmonte produce the same products and each supplies the restaurant with their soft drinks. The slight differences between these two companies are their products brands, therefore their drinks serve the same purpose.ReferenceContributors names(The purd omg. Erica SCK).Title of resource: “ Micro Access”. Last edited date. Web. Date of access.

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