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Political Science homework help

Please Note: The articles should tie in with the unit of development. Additional Note:  You are free to pull from the online textbook resources and discuss a theory or idea.  You are welcome to include your thoughts or experiences.In addition to posting an interesting link, please post a reply to another students post.  You may use newspaper articles, journal articles, internet sources, etc.Useful sites:Scientific JournalsKidshealth.orgPsychologytoday.comAPA Science DailyPlease feel free to post an article or video response.Unit IChapter 6:  Socioemotional Early ChildhoodSocioemotional Early ChildhoodSocioemotional Early ChildhoodSocioemotional Early ChildhoodSocioemotional Early ChildhoodSocioemotional Early ChildhoodSocioemotional Early Childhood********I will post the students response below.  Discussion just needs to be a PARAGRAPGH long, students response should be 2-3 question long,student post 1********************************A new study out of the University of Iowa shows that close to 4% of pregnant women in the United States are vaping. Surprisingly, the rate of e- cigarette use is actually higher among pregnant women than women who aren’t pregnant. According to Dr. Jennifer Wu, “babies face the same risks from nicotine exposure (with vaping), which include brain and lung damage and increasing risks of sudden infant death syndrome.” It’s been proven that even the flavoring chemicals in vape juices have a negative effect on the correct development of the fetus. This survey did have a small silver lining, however. Conventional cigarette use was much lower among pregnant women (8%) than among those who weren’t pregnant (14%). Researchers attribute the use to pregnant women turning to vaping because e- cigarettes are usually advertised as “safe” but fail to mention all the side effects of the chemicals. post 2*******************************This week after recent life changing events I decided to find an article that I could relate to. I chose an article that explains how addiction affects those around the addict, specifically the children. I am very aware that having an addict as a parent causes trauma emotionally for the child but reading about it makes me feel a little less crazy knowing its normal in that particular situation. In the article it states that the children are not able to deal with their emotional reality. This causes kids to have built up anger, self esteem issues, anxiety, trust issues and many more. I think with the huge epidemic of drugs currently its good to know and understand the affect it will have on other people not just the addict.

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