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Political Science homework help

Please answer the following questions. Keep in mind that in all instances your goal is to minimize tax liability. Remember to show your work. Please do not restate or copy the question into your answer. I only need to see the answers in your submission.Green Corporation is not eligible for the first year small corporation AMT exemption. Using the accrual method, Green reported the following taxable income and tax liability data for 2009:Gross profit from sales$300,000 Dividends: From 30%-owned corporation 10,000From 10%-owned corporation 20,000 Gain on sale of machine 12,778 Gain on installment sale of land 25,000 Gross Income$367,778 Operating expenses (other than depreciation)(175,000) Depreciation (40,000) Deduction for organizational expenditures (500) Dividends-received deduction (22,000) Total deductions ($237,500) Taxable Income$130,278Regular Tax $34,058Assume the following additional facts:The corporation earned tax-exempt bond interest of $15,000. The bonds are not private activity obligations and were issued in 2007. Upon the death of an executive, the corporation received life insurance proceeds of $100,000. On January 30, 2009, the corporation sold the land for a total gain of $77,000, of which it reported $25,000 under the installment method for regular tax purposes. Green Corp. is not a dealer, and it pays no interest on the taxes owed on the deferred gain. The gain reported for AMTI and ACE purposes on the sale of the machine is $5,860. Depreciation for AMTI and ACE purposes is $32,500 The corporation incurred $12,500 of organizational expenditures in November 2005. The corporation expenses $5,000 of these expenditures in 2005 and is amortizing the remaining $7,500 over 180 months. The total amortization for 2009 is $500.How much is AMTI?

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