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Political Science homework help

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Week 4 PSY Individuality.To effectively study a person and learn why he/she behaves in a certain way, several factors have to be considered. These factors are clearly outlined in the Individual Psychology by Alfred Adler. They include:I. Holism. Adler views an individual as a unit. Feelings, emotions, behavior and thinking can only be understood according to an individual’s way of living. There is a consistent pattern in the individual’s life that point to the same direction. This notion can be easily used when predicting an individual’s future behavior. Holism may also be used during the diagnosis and treatment of unruly behavior and emotional problems.II. Teleology. This refers to the struggle for future prominence or success. Behavior is goal oriented and is always affected by events that either favor or become obstacles towards the goal. In mental health, the goal is realistic and is of general importance to the society, for example a scientific discovery. In mental problems, the goal is unrealistic and exaggerated and becomes the main cause of unruly behavior. This can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of mental problems.III. The creative unit. An individual’s fictional goals are influenced by several factors like culture and genes. However, the person’s creative power allows him/her to achieve his/her goals. This concept places an individual’s power or responsibility into his/her own hands. This notion is very useful to psychologists in the field of sports as it may be useful in helping athletes improve their talents.IV. Field Theory. An individual can best be studied through his/her actions, movements and interactions within the social setting. Despite an individual being a whole unit, he/she is also part of a bigger unit, just like building blocks, each can stand alone. However, for the house to be complete they all have to be integrated. The social concept

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