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Physics homework help

Assume that you are hired as a marketing consultant by a food delivery service (e.g., GrubHub) or a restaurant chain (e.g., Taco Bell) to advise them on how to conduct a marketing research study to find more about how consumers feel about drone delivery. How would you define the research problem for this marketing research study? What would be the objectives of this marketing research study? Should this marketing research study use an exploratory, descriptive or causal research design? Why? Would you recommend a quantitative or quantitative approach to collect data for this particular marketing research study? Why? What specific data gathering techniques do you recommend using to collect data for consumers for this marketing research study? Explain and justify your recommendations. Discuss at least one data collection technique that would not be effective for this marketing research study and explain why you do not recommend it. Assume that the company that hired you wants to include qualitative research in this study. Explain the sampling procedure you would use. Would you suggest a probability or nonprobability sample? What sample size would you recommend? Justify. How should the participants of this study be chosen? Explain why. 5. What consumer insights do you think the company will be able to obtain from this research? Explain.

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