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Physics homework help

Blogging is very important in social media marketing. To help you become familiar with the “blogosphere,” you are required to turn in one (1) essay for blog post (Word document as a TurnItIn assignment on Blackboard ONLY). If a student fails to turn in the Word document as a TurnItIn assignment by the deadline, s/he will receive a zero for the assignment. Please feel free to choose any topic as long as it is related to sales and marketing. For example, students may write an essay to critique a recent marketing campaign by a hospitality company, their personal experience with a salesperson, or an event related to marketing; they may also showcase what they have learned in this class by analyzing an incident that takes place in a hospitality business. The discussion must be “rich” but at the same time very concise, ranging from 600 words to 800 words (definitely no more than 1000 words). Please also attach a self-description (approximately 100 words) to the end.

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