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Physics homework help

Write MATLAB m-file that performs the following: A. Read the temperature values from temperatures.txt into a vector B. Plot the temperature against time using red diamond markers. C. Without using loops, remove the noisy data using the following rules: I. Any temperature value above 45oC is invalid II. Any temperature value below 0oC is invalid III. The temperature values from day 5, 13 and 42 are invalid Do not set the invalid temperatures to 0 or NaN! Use logical statements instead. D. After removing the invalid temperature values, plot the valid temperature values against the corresponding valid times in a new figure as blue circles. Use either the fgetl() or the importdata() functions to import your data. You may need to use the str2num() command.  HINT: If temperatures are stored in T, try valid_indices = T > 45 HINT: What is the result of T(valid_indices)? Attachment 1Attachment 2

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