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Physics homework help

Cost the Contract Changes Demanded.What will be the new Total Wage Cost?Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3Attachment 4Union Contract ProposalHERE are the demands for Save Some More Union , Local 513 of the United Food and CommercialWorkers Union .50 cent across the board increase*2 .Additional 5 cent per grade increase from Grade 2 on3 .{` Pension Contribution on Grass Pay4. 1 Extra Week Vacation for those with 5 or more Years*Same general information and details from the current contract language is not changing .Other information :`Casting based on Lod employees ." I2 .Retirement in current contract is 5{` of gross pay .3 .Hospital ‘medical coverage provided by Employer . Premiums are : 5150 for singles ; 25x` ofworkforce covered as singles5250 for workers with dependents ; IS` of workforce covered by this planNext year’s medical premiumis increasing by 15%`5 .Overtime gets a 50%’ premium .There are } paid holidays .There are 3 sick days .B ."The vacation schedule is :`Less than one YearHome1 – 2 Years1 WEEK3 – 5 Years2 WEEKS6 – 10 Years3 WEEKSOver 10 YearsA WEEK’SWage rate predicated on ], dad hours per year .10. Unemployment Compensation premiums are* * *` of first $10, 000 per employee .11 . Worker’s Compensation premium is 1. 2% of total payroll .Assignment : ]Cast the Contract Changes DemandedWhat will be the new Total Wage Cost to Save Some More Supermarkets ?"

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