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Philosophy homework help

What main features on “mount etna” gave Charles Lyell the clue that earth is older than previously thoughta) distribution of fossil on topb) large number of cones at its slopesc)presence of active river channel d)presence of shale deposit half way downe) change in grain size at top and bottomWhich of the following is not true with respect to corals when trying to find the histroy of eart’s rotationa) Earth’s rotation is slowingb) earth’s days will get longer in futurec)seasonal changes dont have an efffect on growth bandsd) number of growth lines in a coral can be used to provide information on length of a daye) length of a typical days is shorting due to tidal friction3- Geologists often build a composite picture of the rock record in an area but this may be difficult in instances where the bedrock is partly as vegetation or thick soil. This task can be accomplished through noting the vertical position of a given bed within a sequence of strata in other locations. For example 1- A limestone A is recored in one location that is underlain by a yellow sandstone B and then a gray shale C 2- At a second location dense limestone is overlain by black shale E. At third place Clay D is overlain by E.This allows geologists to build a network of correlation across a region. In this instance, rock sequence is C-B-A-E. The type of correlation is called a) Lithostratigraphic correlationb) Wide area correlationc) Rock dependent correlationd)Biostratigraphic correlatione)chronostratigraphy

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