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Experiencing security problems on a personal computer can be a frustrating and even scary experience.  If your computer’s security has been compromised any and all personal data is susceptible to attack or being stolen by black hat hackers.  Knowing your computer is completely safeguarded from the majority of threats can provide peace of mind knowing that your personal data and children are safeguarded from malicious people.   Since the customer wants to safeguard certain information from the children, I would recommend separate user accounts for the customer and their children.  Additionally, since the customer has had several spyware installations, I would recommend verifying the Windows firewall settings to see if they are configured optimally.  Andrews, Dark, & West (2017) state that, “best protection from attack is layered protection.” Further, since the children are most likely the culprits of installing the spyware I would set up the access control lists to not allow the users to not be able to download and install anything without permission from the parent account. An access control list, “determines what user, device, or program has access to a particular resource, whether that’s a printer, folder, file, or other resource” (Andrews, Dark, & West, 2017). Further, I would stress to the customer to provide some sort of education to their children on best security procedures when using the computer, simply educating the children can go a long way towards keeping the system secure. Once on site and diagnosing the customer’s computer the first thing I would do is identify the symptoms. After diagnosing the computer, next, I would disconnect the computer from any connected networks. Next, depending on whether anti-malware software is installed or not I would update and run previously installed software or download and then run the software.  Running anti-malware software, that is up to date, should resolve any spyware related issues on the customer’s system.  References:Andrews, J., Dark, J., & West, J. (2017). CompTIA A guide to IT technical support (9th ed.). Boston: Cengage Learning.*****MUST BE 100 WORDS******

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