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Philosophy homework help

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Business Ethics and Strategy.In response, god will ensure that he does not disappoint. For example, in the case of Elijah at Mount Carmel, God provided fire for Elijah leading to increased faith and trust on him. The bible indicates that Christians must be trustworthy. Thus, they can be depended upon by both friends and colleagues.The aspect of love of others and justice is presented in the shortened version of God commandment. In His Speech, Jesus talks of loving others as oneself, which means that you do to others as you would like others to do to you (John 13:34,New International Version). The principle of equality of treatment is outlined in the presentation by Jesus. In fact, Jesus captures the issues of justice and fairness in the using the same statement. Likewise, in business, it is vital for employer and employee to practice fairness in all undertaking leading to success and improved performance of the business. It also improves the level of customer care service and employee relations leading to increased performance of the organization. Therefore, the bible supports the two ethical

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