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Philosophy homework help

Write a 6 page essay on Discuss how comparative methods can be used to provide evolutionary explanations of social behaviour.of social behaviour have centred on issues such as. self-concept, attribution theory, social cognition, social influence, social processes, prejudice and bias, aggression, beliefs and stereotypes. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how comparative methods can be used to provide evolutionary explanations of social behaviour.In the earliest explanations of social behaviour, Aristotle suggested that people were born to be social, adding that it is a necessity which enables humans to stay together. In contrast to this individual-based approach, Plato believed that government had immense powers over the social behaviour (Hsien-Tung, & Bagozzi, 2014). He pointed out institutions of responsibility like schools as the avenue through which the state could influence social behaviour. In the 18th-19th century, Hegel developed the theory that every society has inexorable connections with the building of social behaviour. As such, Plato’s concept was similar in structure to Hagel’s in the sense that they tended to support the power of a collective thought as being the key facet in the understanding of social behaviour.Nonetheless, during the second half of the 19th century, the Anglo-European influences on social behaviour were discovered by the social psychologist fraternity (Elster, 2007). The approach concentrated on the power of collective mind as having a tremendous impact on individual behaviour. It underscored the idea that individuality develops along the dictates of cultural and social factors, especially through communication. Language and communication are regarded as product of social development of the community and as a key factor in encouraging or discouraging certain social thought processes in the human being in question. As such, Wundt (1900–1920) narrowed down the wider role of the state and or the society to language as an explanation behind social behaviour.As Hsien-Tung and Bagozzi (2014) noted, texts concentrating on social psychology

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