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Philosophy homework help

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Annotated Bibliography-Sheila-W7.Sampling was the fundamental methodology, and it was important to note how human development could be transferred to help in the treatment of the neoplasm.This is an extensive study that is published by the BMC family practice. The research observes that there is an increase in the use of technologies in personal health care provision and mobile apps adoption. Aaron also argues that the primary health care is on the rise and is majorly used as they are cost effective, and their outcome is reliable. The author provides for further debate to critically assess the devices before their implementation. The study is silent on the literature review, may be due to omission while methods of research were limited to observations of the patients portals. I found it unique that, the technological advances are fragment of their usage even though they seemed to be a real solution.Beaty, D. L., P.E. (2014). Part one, digital healthcare planning: Digital revolution impact. ASHRAE Journal, 56(9), 84-84,86,88,90. Retrieved from article is a publication at the data center. It examines a change in digital technology where the work environment is slowly turning into remote places where persons can easily work from home. On the other hand, information regarding environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature are easily determined by the improved technology. The study is unique as no information existed before and soundless on the future research concerning the topic. The literature review was extensive and offered a real insight to the paper for the reader to quickly understand the paper. Methods of analysis were limited to case studies that no other study had previously used. It is quite interesting to know how IT has made things such simple among us.The study is a publication by the library and archives cataloging for the government of Canada. The authors articulate that the digital

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