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Mathematics homework help

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Letter to state representative about Comprehensive Cancer Care Improvement Act of 2011.The Comprehensive Cancer Care Improvement Act of 2011 now titled as H.R. 3705 offers a comprehensive government intervention that improves on the health care services provided to survivors and their quality of life. The bill “aims to improve survivorship care throughout the cancer care continuum by supporting coverage of comprehensive cancer care planning, establishing grant programs to increase provider education of palliative care and symptom management, and investing in survivorship-related research.”I appeal to you as a health care provider and as one of the many citizens who know or is related to someone afflicted with the disease. Anyone who has been acquainted with the disease, one way or another, will attest that Cancer must be addressed to alleviate the sufferings of the patients. I believe that Comprehensive Cancer Care Improvement Act of 2011 is one way to carry out this goal. In this regard, I urge you to support the review the bill and to support its enactment by voting for its passage in the

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