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Mathematics homework help

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic The psychological concepts of ego.The essential identity of the person is the pure sense of sheer presence and his place in the society. Identity works both ways: his self-recognition and the recognition accorded to him by others. Or it might be put as the identity that comes out of the recognition one attaches to oneself, and another, how the same recognition is endorsed by the external world. This also means that the essential ‘I’ that separates the individual from others is the main core of a person’s identity. ‘The typical feeling of identity is only a reflection of the essential identity’. “The importance of the ego or “self” which emanates from Western psychology is explicitly extensive. Ego Psychology, typified by Freud, emphasizes the development of the capabilities of the ego,” taken from. There is no escaping the identity, as a man has to live in a society, according to Hobbes. It is difficult to imagine a life without identity in a modern society. And of course, in the bygone days, perhaps the saints who lived in jungles might have managed an existence san identity. but it is not possible today.

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