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Assignment Details ( 1-2 scholarly reference)You have been asked to create a quality improvement (QI) process that involves one specified organizational area such as patient care improvement, patient satisfaction, surgical error prevention, medical error prevention, patient scheduling systems, and so forth.Complete the following using the template provided:Summarize details of the organization including the following: Location Size Scope or type of personnel Services or products provided Patient demographics Analyze the pros and cons of the quality improvement process that you are proposing for the organizational area you identified. Justify the need for this process, and detail all of the process specifics, including a time line from launch to evaluation. Create a communication plan for the quality improvement process. Assess the ethical and legal issues involved with the program, including consideration of at least the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Patient Bill of Rights where applicable. Summarize the process outcomes expected when implemented.

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