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E- CommerceAssignment 2 – Investigating Social Media MarketingPurpose: To demonstrate knowledge and application of the use of social media marketing through analysis, research and critical thinking skills.Value:             15 marks        See Calendar for due date·       Support all statements and opinions with facts and evidence·       Answer the questions being asked to the best of your ability·       Late assignments will be penalized 1.5 marks/day·       Cite all sources with APA formatting Failure or neglect to cite sources by providing the name of the author, article and date will result in a diminished grade·       Expected word count: 500-800 wordsTask:Choose 1 consumer food brand. Investigate and explain how they use social media to build community. Examples might include but are not limited to: Campbell’s, Prego, Wolfgang Puck, Heinz, Soy Good, Kellogg’s, Maple Leaf, Tropicana etc.a) Explore and describe the uses of social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, blogging and others).  (4 marks)b) Identify 5 to 7 key attributes of their social media strategy.  Use screenshots to demonstrate their use and use tables to summarize your key findings. (6 marks)c) Research and visit at least two third-party websites (journals: business and academic; blogs) for analysis. Describe the successes and the challenges that your chosen food brands faces. (5 marks) Provide an introduction and a conclusion.

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