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I will pay for the following essay Phobias and Mate Selection. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Phobia is something that is usual, and happens to various people. It is difficult to overcome phobia, but the best treatment of phobia is, the person suffering from it should be exposed several times to the conditions that cause the phobia. Through the exposure, the victims get used to it, and therefore, overcome their fears.Phobias have affected learning in many students. most students have a phobia for examinations. Examinations phobia has led to the failing of many students. Therefore, they should be introduced to several class tests before facing examinations. Phobia has also affected marriage and dating. Partners end up having a misunderstanding due to one of them having a phobia. For example, one partner may want to live in an apartment that is on the fifth floor. The other partner is acrophobic, therefore they end up living separately. this may lead to them breaking up.This is a process that is evolutionary, where a mate is selected depending on its trait’s attractiveness (Olson &&nbsp.Hergenhahn, 2008). Several factors are involved in the selection of a mate. These are: the habits, age of the mate, values and attitudes of the mate, the age and gender roles. These factors adversely affect the type of mate an individual chooses.These factors are considered because, people are usually afraid of choosing a mate that is not appropriate for them. Their greatest fears being that, if an individual does not select a proper mate, their marriage may not work. Individuals therefore select a mate, date then when their behavior is appealing, they get into marriage. This rule of mate selection has helped many marriages to

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