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Languages homework help

Your task: Draft a memo to employees from Patricia Carter, CEO. Provide brief background data and explain the main idea. List clear fire instructions. Provide your name and office phone number if receivers want more information.In talking with your boss, Patricia Carter, one day, you learned that she was concerned about fires in and safe evacuation from your office building. She thinks that the two of you can prepare a set of procedures in a conversation, and she begins talking with you.She notes that if an employee sees a fire, that person should pull the alarm and call the fire department. The number of that department is 9-911. If the fire is small, the employee can attempt to extinguish it with a fire extingusiher. At this point, you ask your boss if the person who discivered the fire should also notify a supervisor, and your boss agrees. The supervisor is probably the one who should size up the situation and decide whether the building should be evacuated. You then begin to think about the evacuation process. What to do? Ms. Carter says that all doors should be closed and employees should secure their workstations. You ask what exactly that means, and she says employees should turn off their computers and put away important documents, but perhaps that information is unnecessary. Just stick to the main points, she says.If employees are evacuating, they should go to the nearest exit in an orderly manor. In addition, it’s very important that everyone remain calm. You ask about people with disabilities.We should assist all visitors and persons with disavilities. Employees have been told about predetermined gathing places anf they should go there and wait for more instructions from floor monitors. Employees should not reenter the building until given the al-clear. When they are outside, they should stay out of the way of fire department personnel and equipment.Answer

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