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Languages homework help

Conflict is a natural part of life, and a natural part of business. How you deal with conflict, though, will determine if the conflict can help or hinder your progress. For this assignment, analyze a conflict that you’ve had (or that you are currently having, if you prefer). Please keep this conflict work-related (meaning no significant other or family conflicts, but co-worker conflicts, student work group conflicts, etc. are acceptable). In analyzing this conflict, do the following:Describe the conflict situation (be sure to state if this has happened or if it is happening). How did (do) conflict styles affect this situation? What strategy was used (or will you use) to solve the conflict? Was it effective (or do you think it will be effective)? Why or why not? Knowing what you now do from this module, how could you have communicated differently to reach a more favorable outcome (or what communication behavior will be important for your to reach your desired outcome)?

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