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International Development homework help

Crime control and prevention is one of the most discussed topics in criminal justice.  In examining these topics, discuss how crime can be controlled and prevented.  Specifically discuss the following topics in the essay:Community-oriented policing Problem-oriented and hot spot policing Crime prevention through environmental design Community-based supervision (probation and parole) Newer crime prevention technology Include at least one other crime control and prevention topic that you find relevantPapers should be 1000 to 1200 words written (not including references in this count) Papers should be double spaced Papers should follow MLA paper guidelines. If you are uncertain about MLA, there are numerous guidelines on-line that will provide assistance.  If you are still uncertain, contact the instructor for assistance. Papers should have a minimum of four academic and peer-reviewed references List all references within the paper per MLA guidelines and on the separate references page of the paper.

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