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International Development homework help

Write a 1 page essay on India, the Sleeping Giant, Has Now Awakened.India, “the sleeping giant,” has now awakened and has been brought into the forefront of economic progress through “brain power.” In the recent years, India has come to known in the corporate world as being able to provide reliable, bright, and hardworking “digital workers.” Large companies such as GE have made India one of their more important bases of operations, which has engendered a job explosion in the country and a loss of jobs for many Americans. Furthermore, it is not only Americans who outsource, other countries also come to India—and not the U.S. anymore—for the best innovative ideas at a lower cost. Corporate America needs to adjust to the “India Effect” through a retraining of workers and an increase in educational preparation. If the U.S. manages the India Effect in the right way, this could result in “a brain gain that accelerates productivity and innovation” (Kripalani and Engardio, 2003).India has reinvented itself through brain power at the detriment of the American economy. It is true that this has led to many Americans losing their jobs and this may also pave the way of America being dethroned from the high seat of innovation. However, the authors made a good point by stating that this could also lead to the US being forced to become better and brighter. Banning outsourcing is not the solutionIf this is handled correctly, even in the midst of a recession, the US can emerge from this stronger and more competitive.

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