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History homework help

I need some assistance with these assignment. my idea about the ideal society Thank you in advance for the help! Many societies are discriminatory, and this has given rise to rebellion and upheaval since when given a chance, man is selfish and discriminatory in nature. Many societies where proper guidelines are not put in place have exhibited tendencies where people have been discriminated against because of color, religion, creed and gender, depriving the victims of their right to enjoy life, as they ought to. Women in many nations of the world like India and the Middle East have been oppressed in areas such as education, watching sports, choosing careers and even travelling unaccompanied by a male. This does not match up to my idea of an ideal society, where one is prejudiced use of their gender.The caste system in India, for example, where somebody’s lineage is an indicator of what privileges they will enjoy in life is an issue worth review because it is very oppressive. Such an oppressive system should not exist in the 21st century but should be removed to give all a chance to progress in society. There are many people probably who have been prevented from making a mark in history due belonging to such societies that do not give them a chance to prove their worth. My idea of an ideal society is where all are treated equally irrespective of whatever considerations and where no one is given the opportunity to trample on the rights of others. It is worthy to note that the notion of an ideal society in Nations like the United States of America have, for example, after the declaration of independence, the vision was to build a nation in which all would be free and equal. It said as I quote in part that “all men are equal and they have been created by God with rights which should not be trampled upon. Among these issues are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of what will make somebody happy.&nbsp.

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