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History homework help

I need help with a research paper. There are 8 topics to be covered. Each topic must have 3 references per topic. The topics are: 1. Define “human resource management.”2. Explain how a firm’s human resources influence organizational performance.3. Describe how firms can use HR initiatives to cope with workplace changes and trends such as a more diverse workforce, the global economy, downsizing, and new legislation.4. List the factors influencing worker motivation that are under managers’ control.5. Describe the process of job analysis, components of a job description, and those of a job specification.6. Explain why compliance with HR law is an important part of doing business.7. Explain why employees join unions.8. Describe the employment-at-will doctrine.I need this by 9/25/16Discussion QuestionsPlease write down the question you are answering at the beginning of the response. Answer theunanswered questions first, before moving to a new question.Your answers for your…

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