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Hi, I have a case report to do, below I have attached the photo of the last issue where Im confused on what the issue actually was. With that anonymous letter, does it mean that horizon felt they where treated unfair because of Gemmas’ decision as she will determine horizon’s user friendliness and capabilities according to other people’s mouth of words?Attachment 1Attachment 2" Finally , we have major issue that needs to be addressed . Gemma Nyoman , our softwaremanager , is requesting to attend a users’ conference in Phuket . Normally she attends quitea few of these a year as she is responsible for identifying the right software for us . ""We are currently in process of replacing our CAD-CAM* software and we have receivedbids from six different software firms . Gemma is reviewing these bids and will ultimately*make a decision on which bid to proceed with . "" Horizon 1 – 2 – 3 is an aggressive software developer . Every six months , Horizon has a three -day users’ conference in South East Asia . Each conference has substantial time allowed for*" rest and recreation " . Horizon has offered Gemma an all – expenses – paid visit to the upcoming*conference in Phuket , Thailand . Gemma believes it will be very useful to talk to other usersof Horizon software , to determine its user friendliness and capabilities . She is especially*looking forward to the visit because she has close relatives in the Phuket area . "" Now normally , I would just let her go on the conference . However , I have received ananonymous letter arguing that Horizon is receiving unfair , favourable treatment in oursoftware decision – making process . The letter specifically mentions Gemma’s upcoming " all -expenses – paid package to Phuket during Australia’s cold winter ". "

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