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Health Sciences homework help

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Irish Based Consumers Attitudes to Sales Promotions. The literature review will be the only qualitative method used for this study. Using this method, the researcher will carry out an analysis of the secondary sources of information which will include books, journals, and internet sources. The use of this method is important as it allows the researcher to begin the work by reviewing previous works in the study area. It also allows the researcher to carry out a theoretical analysis of the research topic. This theoretical analysis and review of previous work will help the researcher to lay a theoretical framework that justifies the investment and efforts taken in conducting further studies using quantitative methods (Wayne & Melville, 2004). The primary sources of data used will give the researcher an exploratory and analytical approach to answering the research questions. The researcher will use these quantitative methods after conducting a literature review of the existing sources to lay a theoretical framework that justifies further investigations by using primary sources i.e. interviews (Wayne & Melville, 2004). The collection of primary information will include interviews. The way in which these techniques are implemented will determine the quality, the cost and the logistical efforts required in carrying out the study. Where possible, the researcher will carry out interviews online using various open-source chat technologies. However, the method used in each case depends on the availability of the respondent, the presence of an internet connection and the costs related to such a method. The study area for this research will be ideally in Ireland. However, the researcher can also find some Irish cosmetics consumers in other areas near the location of the study. Of particular importance to this research is the responses of Irish respondents regardless of their area of stay.

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