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Health Sciences homework help

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on sexual harassment in the workplace Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! In most cases, questions have been asked whether certain practices can amount to sexual harassment. As a result, a definition was developed that can holistically describe what falls within the set described as “sexual harassment.” It entails any unwelcome sexual behavior that is capable of offending, intimidating, and humiliating a person. The alleged behavior does not necessarily have to be physical. However, verbal as well as written behaviors can also amount to sexual harassment. In the workplace, sexual harassment is covered when it is between colleagues but outside of work, between people sharing the same place of work, when it is at work and work-related events. The law protects employees or even job applicants from being harassed at the workplace just because of their sex. Sexual harassment victims do not have to be only women. Even men are harassed sexually, and sometimes, the victim and the harasser can be people of the same sex.Workplace sexual harassment has been found to be perpetrated majorly by the victim’s supervisors, managers, employers, or just their bosses to crown it all. In such cases, it is considered that the harasser takes advantage of their position in the workplace and use it to intimidate their victims by sexually harassing them (Jackson & Newman, 2004). Many victims have been reported to have lost their jobs by being fired as others have been demoted just because they tried to resist being sexually harassed by their bosses. There have for this reason been legal measures and workplace policies that have been put in place to deal with such misconducts in the workplace. The essay, for this reason, aims at discussing some of the ethical, as well as legal issues around sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as how law and ethical codes of conduct can be applied to this issue.&nbsp.Sexual harassment is an unethical vice in society.

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