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Health Sciences homework help

Hi, I need help with essay on Is the purpose of prisons to punish criminals, or to help them. Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!However, there are some cases when punishment is applied as the most effective strategy in addressing criminals. This paper will explore factors that should prompt prisons to exhibit efforts towards rehabilitating prisoners. The paper will also analyze why the punitive approach proves more efficient in some situations.There are many theories developed to explain why prisons should focus on rehabilitating criminals rather than punishing them. Most of these theories surround a close analysis of the factors that prompted an individual to indulge in crime (Binder 2013, p. 296). A psychological analysis of the factors that prompt an individual to indulge in crime reveals that he or she may undergo effective therapy through rehabilitative programs, hence increasing the chances of transforming the individual. Without doubt, there is an existing complexity of the factors that motivate people towards crime. These complexities only seem to trigger controversy when considering the effectiveness of rehabilitation of criminals (Bierschbach & Bibas 2013, p. 407).If prisons are to help criminals, they must adopt a certain attitude and have the faith that it is possible to get the criminals back to the right track. One reason why criminals are locked in prisons is to protect the public from further criminal activities. Therefore, helping criminals in prison targets to help them transform and stay away from crime. Efforts of rehabilitation seek to convert criminals to better citizens who have the potential to contribute positively to the success of the society. After the effective transformation, then prisons can release the transformed criminals back to the society (Bierschbach & Bibas 2013, p. 411). After release into the society, there is the need for positive reintegration by the other members of the society.Governments that focus on

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