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Health Sciences homework help

I will pay for the following essay Awnser A, B or C. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.However, the need for controlling the unknown, for creating parameters through alteration so that the odds of a good life are increased deletes the potential for challenges and obstacles that stimulate creativity and innovation. In trying to control the future, in creating a life in which all elements of natural creation are subjected to human manipulation,the nature of human existence is greatly altered, inextricably detached from the surprises that enrich the nature of life. In genetically engineering children, the natural order of life becomes something that is defined by hubris, eliminating the potential for greatness that is born of adversity and ending the true existence of humanity.Francis Fukuyama puts forth arguments against the use of genetic engineering as a way to improve the human condition. He suggests that to use these forms of science to change the outcomes of life would be an inroad to changing the nature of humanity (Fukuyama). This argument clearly expresses the basic nature of scientific meddling in human development. The concept that humanity is vulnerable to the ways in which science has the capacity to change elements of life provides for a cascade of effects that can ultimately change perceptions, shift ideological beliefs, and push cultural construction towards a world in which little is left that has the basic elements of human life still held within it. When applied to the question of genetic engineering babies, the acceleration of these problems has the potential of changing the nature o human existence to a point where life is essentially changed. In choosing the attributes of a child from a menu of options so that parents have the belief that they can create the exact child that they want, human interaction and existence will fundamentally change in ways that will represent irrecoverable losses.One of the most powerful arguments for human genetic

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