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Health Sciences homework help

Create a 20 page essay paper that discusses The Service Encounter Diaries.7. In order to improve on the restaurant, the manager absolutely must ensure that his/her first impressions team is up to the task of being friendly, cordial, and engaging with clients. Without this, the restaurant is not able to stand out. regardless of how low priced or tasty the food might be.2: I had performed some online review in order to find the best mobile phone repair service that I could in the local area. After reading several online reviews, I came to have a high expectation of service as most of the customers of the store had written glowing reviews.3: Upon entering the establishment, I was immediately greeted and asked if I could be helped. What was most interesting to me was that I was not just passed off to someone else once I explained my problem. instead, the person who greeted me was actually one of the repairmen himself and was able to take a look at my phone and quickly give me a cost and time estimate for how long the repairs would be.4. I was pleasantly surprised by this level of service and decided I would have my phone repaired at this establishment. instead of wasting any more time looking for a lower price elsewhere. As a direct result of the first impression that I had and the level of knowledge that was exhibited to me, my decision to do business with the firm in question was solidified.7. Although the service was exceptional, the only thing that I might recommend to change was the overall level of technical terms that the service professionals and repair staff would frequently use. Many customers might not understand these terms. as such, toning them down and putting things in more simple terms could definitely help.3: On entering the store, I did not see any employees. other than the ones that were working the cash registers. This was odd to me as generally an H&M

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