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Gender Studies homework help

Need all the answers in the document attached.  II. Follow the same directions given in the preceding one. W     = Wildlife are (or will be) threatened; A= Agricultural production is increased; P= The use of pesticides is continued.1.    The only way we can avoid threatening wildlife is to avoid increasing agricultural production.  2.    We cannot both increase agricultural production and avoid threatening wildlife.   3.    If we are to increase agricultural production, we’ll have to continue the use of pesticides, but if we do that wildlife will be threatened.   4.    Wildlife will not be threatened provided we do not continue the use of pesticides.   5.    Wildlife will be threatened if either agricultural production is increased or pesticide use is continued.  6.    The continuation of pesticide use will be sufficient to ensure that wildlife will be threatened.  7.    The continued use of pesticides is necessary for increased agricultural production.   8.    Together, the continued use of pesticides and the increase in agricultural production will guarantee that wildlife will be threatened.   9.    Agricultural production will not increase even though the use of pesticides will continue. 10.   While pesticide use will continue, agricultural production will not increase.

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