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Engineering homework help

MLS Soccer New England RevolutionNew England Revolution have decided to capitalize on the recent surge in public interest in soccer and, for the first time, hire an outside agency to assist their communications efforts. They have a budget of $3million and invite agencies to bid for their accountInstruction:¬†Please conduct some research and present information for the above company and answer the following questions one by one with resources please.¬†Identify some overall market trendsIdentify the strengths and weakness, opportunities and threatsAssess the competition and possible competitor reaction to any campaignConsider the chosen product/brand/service from the perspective of the customer- how does this compare with the alternatives on offer?Your target audience. Who is going to be your target market? Think about demographics, psychographics and user analysis.Running head: NEW ENGLAND REVOLUTION. New England RevolutionNameInstitutionCourseDate 1 NEW ENGLAND REVOLUTION 2 New England RevolutionNew England Revolution is an American soccer club founded…

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