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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on security is as much about perception as reality. Due to the probability of different types of risks, and the countermeasures taken by diverse security organizations, it is easy to assume the reality of security as mathematical. Such factors like the area’s security and the door locking systems can equally help in calculating a neighborhood’s crime rate. For this reason, statistics may help to calculate crime acts, and insurance companies have succeeded in this approach (Focardi & Gorrieri 2001 p. 21). However, security is also a feeling based on psychological reactions based on both the risks and the countermeasures. Different people react differently to certain situations. Nevertheless, the reality and feeling of security seem closely related although they are different. This paper explores the feeling of security, its origins, and its relation to the reality of security. Some people believe that war is necessary in order to get and retain peace, while others feel that war is evil (McDowell 1998 p. 55). It is hard to conclude which believer is right. After all, what seems right to a person depends on their belief. Another example is during death in a family whereby one person may find it tragic, while the other uses it as an inspiration to do useful things in their lives. This approach confirms that people can shape their reality through their beliefs. Subsequently, a person’s belief structure determines his or her perception that consequently determines how he or she responds to the situation. Conclusively, everything begins with the choice made. In order to illuminate this issue, it is important to consider behavioral economics that examines human-biases like social, emotional, and cognitive behaviors and their effects on economic decisions. Rachel (2005 p. 5) argues that decision-making plays a vital role in relation to economic risk, and psychologically&nbsp.affects security risks.&nbsp.

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